10 Tips for Keeping Your Children Safe When You Have Pets

To experienced dog owners or parents, close interaction with children and pets may seem like no big deal – but if dogs decide to retaliate or play in a too aggressive way, they are all too often punished for something they didn’t know was wrong. In certain situations, these dogs are sent to animal shelters, marked as too aggressive, or euthanized for behaviors and actions that could be avoided if adult humans would simply show some concern and respect for the animals and children in their care.

If you have children and pets in your home, take a moment and make sure that you are taking the proper precautions to keep everyone in the home safe. We all get busy or distracted, but with a few precautions, a little distraction won’t lead to disaster.

Here are 10 tips to keep kids and pets safe:

1.) When the dog is around, don’t put the baby on the floor
If a baby is on the floor, it can oftentimes look like a toy to your dog. A baby is too small and fragile to roll out from under a heavier dog, and it can create a dangerous situation.

2.) Never leave baby and pet alone together unsupervised
Similar to leaving them together on the floor, there can be unforeseen circumstances that could put the baby or the dog in danger.

3.) Don’t let the baby out of your sight
This a pretty basic rule for babies and parents, it is especially important with pets around as babies and pets should not be left alone unsupervised.

4.) Don’t let children approach unaware or sleeping dogs
The dog may or may not see this as an attack of some kind, and they could retaliate against your pup.

5.) Never let baby hit, throw toys at, or sit on your dog
Similar to a child approaching an unaware dog, this may annoy or irritate your dog and make them feel defensive.

6.) Don’t let them approach unknown dogs, don’t let your dog approach unknown kids
There are unknown dangers, such as aggressive dogs or kids who don’t know the rules to not anger a dog.

7.) Teach babies not to take things out of a pet’s mouth
Putting your hand in the mouth of any animal is rarely a good idea, as they are more likely to feel threatened or uncomfortable and snap at them.

8.) Never let them sleep or lay in the same bed
The baby could be inadvertently smothered by your pup or may be subject to the rowdiness some dogs display and could be injured.

9.) Don’t neglect your pup when the baby is born
If they are both fighting for your attention, it could create an issue and strain on their relationship.

10.) Don’t run
Running from an animal causes them to feel the need to chase, causing them to play too rough.

While you should do research before bringing home a pup to a baby, or a baby to a pup, these tips should keep your family healthy and happy.

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